YODA2 is software for validating and optimizing documents for health insurance companies containing performed operations and examinations of patients. It is a complex tool for administration and recording of documents and batches with checking option and their subsequent corrections. There are 3 corner-stones – first one being an upload module for batches and documents into the application. Such batch files must correspond to data interface as issued by the VZP (General Health Insurance Co.) Yoda2 supports both ambulatory and examination documents and it consists of the following basic modules:

1.Document upload – all documents are stored in a database and are never deleted after upload.

2. Another important feature is checking mechanism which takes care of duly filled document including its operations and other records.

Corrections follow any inconsistency check as a standard. Each correction is followed by a generated protocol where information is stored on performing person, performed operation, which documents were affected, together with signature field of authentication person.

3. Third module is export of documents which were uploaded in step 1 and checked and corrected in step 2. Only those documents which are completely valid and ready for export to the VZP are exported. At any optimizing stage, Yoda2 can export statistics in .CSV format and it is completely up to the user at which point he/she is interested in such statistics.

4. Another functionality is the settings which include:

  • application set up
  • broad statistics
  • code list management
  • service for sending the statistics
  • operation log
  • contractual operations
  • contract management<

Yoda2 service serves for sending predefined statistical reports (number of unsent documents, invalid documents etc.). The service can be set up directly in Yoda2 application in Settings -> Service. There you can set up recipients of the statistics, server´s SMTP for sending and sending interval. The service can be turned on or off.

SQL JOB is a job set up on database server where the application or at least its database is. It is a predefined script which runs an automatic count of points in documents on every day at 8 p.m. (LIS assumes the point item as being not obligatory and so it is no exception that a document includes 0 points). This is very important from the point of view of the speed of the app. The job can be run automatically or manually from the app. Already counted documents are skipped if no operation affecting points was performed on the document since the count.

The application is designed for Microsoft Windows platform with support of .NET ver. 4.0 technology in programming language C# using Entity framework of the development environment of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Data is stored in MS SQL 2005 database server.