Synlab View is the application designed for mobile phones Apple iPhone (possibly for iPad and iPod too). It allows to display the actual processing state of the sent laboratory order forms to Synlab laboratories and to display the final results  (supported are both results formats  PDF and XML /DASTA). This application is meant to display only, it doesn’t allow to send out the orders.

After the starting up of the application the doctor enters his/her entry data and identifier (birth number) of the patient. The application displays a list of all sent laboratory patient order forms for a certain period of time (this period of the time is possible to set in the application setting) including their current processing state by the laboratory (order form is on the way to the laboratory, it is received – waiting for processing, measured, validated / done). By the finished order forms it is possible to display their result directly.

The application also displays information about call centre – the current phone numbers and working hours. Directly from the application it is possible to call the call centre and the doctor can ask for all further details about particular laboratory order form or result.