SynlabData is a web portal providing interaction between a doctor and a laboratory service provider. The interaction is ensured via roles which have different rights. Current roles are: doctor, vendor, lab technician, stockkeeper and administrator.

Using the portal, a doctor requests laboratory exams, checks their results, orders testing material and communicates with a vendor who is an agent between a lab and a doctor. A vendor arranges meetings or sends commercial messages based on expertise of a doctor. A lab technician processes received request forms at the reception via Selma interface. A stockkeeper processes orders for material and prepares a catalogue of materials for doctor´s needs. A lab technician prepares e-request forms. Forms entries are guided which leads the user towards his goal, i.e. sending or processing. Form fields are linked with database code lists (address, company, section, expertise).

The overviews have a unified look with an option for filtering, sorting, paging, editing and preview. The portal is linked to Ines (CRM) interface where it can get data about meetings and doctors. Another system – Selma (laboratory integration) can provide consolidated code lists and laboratory data. Yoda (batch processing) is used of points evaluation and statistical data based on results and request forms. PrintServer (printing centre) provides collection routes and other result formats.


  • Linking of individual role of interaction between a doctor and a lab.
  • Validation of all inputs and outputs
  • Record-keeping of all processes of all roles for statistical outputs
  • Usage of existing systems
  • Copying of paper processes for simplicity and during online services failure
  • Meeting of up-to-date programming and safety standards