Safety4Data New Generation



Beneficiary of the subsidy, (place of project realization):

CNS a.s.
IČ: 26129558
Nad Šafranicí 574
276 01 Mělník


Project annotation:

The project deals with the development of a new application using a modern technological solution, which is focused on the maximum data security during communication via the Internet among the verified users. The project handles a contemporary corporate (Safety4Data and NOTEZA) product´s individual functionalities integration into a new application that is used for data cryptography by Vernam cipher, and which is based on an exact mathematical proof where file transfer security is 100% proven.


Project realization:

 od 1. 10. 2016 do 30. 9. 2019


Estimated budget of the project:

16 438 380,- Kč


Project goal:

The goal of the project is to develop a new software applications that will be able to provide 100% data protection when communicating to verified users via the internet.