Safety4Data is a unique Business-to-Business (B2B) system which ensures an effective distribution of data in a highly secured virtual network as defined by individual users. The philosophy of the system is based on the simplicity of its use which enables users to carry out the complex set-up network rights and privileges without the need for a specialized IT department. The system’s ease of use ultimately leads to a reduction of operating costs. The Safety4Data system allows users to have the possibility to adapt their system to their needs and to enact any changes in real time.


The Safety4Data app is easy and user-friendly. The operation and administration of the app are adjusted to common users; there is no need for IT specialists, hence the cost savings.


The high speed data processing is ensured by positioning the servers of Safety4Data in the Windows Azure environment. The processing speed is also optimized by the user through the administration interface which allows for easy set-up with minimal steps.


Data security is ensured by the Windows Azure environment which provides a high level of confidentiality, integration, and availability of the saved data. Security has three levels (HTTPS protocol using PFS, PKI Public Key Infrastructure and later also NOTEZA platform. Security level is at customer´s discretion. Basic versions (HTTPS and PFS) already provide high level of security.


The administration of the app is fully under control of the authorized personnel (i.e. service administrator). There is no need to interact with the service provider; the administrator is able to implement any changes immediately, according to imminent needs, and without delay.


The user can adjust the Satefy4Data app according to their needs by setting up communication paths and rights for individual users.

Technical description

Safety4Data is a B2B app built on client-server architecture which, using HTTPS protocol security and public key infrastructure, enables the creation of virtual secured networks according to user´s rules. The server is placed in the Windows Azure environment; the client is installed on users´ PCs, and the administrator of the app has the administrator interface in their web browser.

Later to the project in 2015, we plan to add a third level of security to Safety4Data. The application is going to use brand new platform NOTEZA (security infrastructure) for data encryption which has been developed by CNS in cooperation with scientific and academic institutions. This platform will use unbreakable (not even theoretically) code with a vast potential to replace currently and commonly used PKI solutions.