Relocation Business Consulting

Thanks to our extensive experiences with international business and our successful subsidiary on the US market in technology hub Pittsburgh, we have decided to offer consulting services for companies with international plans and especially consulting of new markets entrance. Currently, we are focusing primarily on consulting of the US market entrance. We are confident in this area because of the success of our subsidiary that is serving to its customers across the US East Coast.

A fresh start on the different continent might be very difficult for company of any type or size. This road can be really difficult and challenging but we went through it and decided to help others who decide to step on the US market. We are able to help companies from the very beginning.

In our portfolio, you can find wide scale of services from the introductory analysis, selection of location, entity incorporation and office space finding to short-term representation, help with hiring employees or help with marketing, business development, sales etc.

We know that every business plan is unique and we have individual approach for each individual case. If you think you can benefit from our services, please feel free to contact us to email address or call 315 626 513 or our US cell +1 (412) 478-6332.


We will be happy to discuss your case and create service proposal for you.