Product characteristics


Architecture of  product ELISA

As the basis of the procust ELISA solution was used  3-layers architecture -  web client /application server / file server by use of the suporting developing tools.

Product ELISA is continuously developed, authorial team of the program continues at the development of the further product improvement. Each new version is always firstly tested under laboratory conditions of the company and thereafter it goes through the test run at the sites of the chosen clients.

Developing environment

Architecture client / application server / file server proves as a reliable and cheep strategy for the solution of extensive applications processing the data. 

Architecture of product ELISA complies with the following requirements:

  • Architecture web client / application server/ file server is relatively independent on the client type and its technology, 
  • Up-to-date, uniform, user friendly interface „like Windows“ (intuitive control, easy learning, good arrangement),
  • Incorporating of the IT development trends,
  • Integrated data model designed by the modern methods of data simulating in relation database server environment,
  • the chosen database server carries out keeping up the data integrity,
  • modular, easy operation product,
  • use of the auxiliary tools and functions (development acceleration, user modifiability),
  • consistently layered architecture (modifiability of levels, transmittable),
  • one source text (simplicity of the development, smaller capacity requirements for the development and service),
  • use of standards interfaces (independency of surroundings),
  • reticulation of wide efficient range (the satisfaction of all users, possible growth of the product),
  • product is provided by user documentation,
  • all product communications are kept in the Czech language,
  • system management is possible to perform by the distant access,

it is a commonplace to fully support national environment and all suggested clients parts, both application and basic SW are localized. 

Tools of development

As a development tool was used Microsoft Visual Studio, language is C#, or  ASP.NET, application platform Silverlight.

Silverlight is an application platform created by the company Microsoft that is assigned for development of business and multimedia applications. The application writen by the help of this technology can run within the web browser Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome or in mode "out of browser", thus in its own window. Silverlight is designed in the way to contrieve to overcome limits HTML and to allow designers to create graphically better and interactive applications. First language of Silverlight is C# and Silverlight also uses the whole set of terms from .NET. As a consequence of it the developers can write the character set for Silverlight on the client’s site in the same language what is used to write the character set on the server site (as are C# and VB) and can use numerous identical abstractions (as are flows, control components, sets, generics and LINQ).

Data are saved on the proved Microsoft SQL server in relational database. One SQL server can look after thousands databases, on the server for each business organization can be specified separate database, separate application. SSL also can link up more organizations into one database in the application way as well as to access from it by defined interfaces to diferent applications / programs. Thereafter it is saved only one database on the SQL server, installed one application. Both variants have their for and against and it is the only client’s decision, which one to choose.

Apart from the basic developing tools the implementation layer of the draft of the program ELLISA includes also so called running integrative developing tools Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in version of the office set MS Office 2000, XP or 2007 in particular for easy creating and modification of outputs.

Update of supplied SW

Development of information technologies

Architecture of  product ELISA and target technology are very prospect. It is about tools that reflect modern trends in the development of information technologies. It is supposable that even in the future the product will be able to monitor the development of information technologies.

Modification of user’s requirements

Designed system is able to react to the changes of user’s requirements awakened by its new needs in the relevant manner. An openness of the product SSL solution and its  integration with other tools (office sets and suchlike) allows to solve a range of furher requirements. In case of the need to perform some changes and modifications directly in the product, this situation will be solved in the manner of product upgrade.

In case that the modifications are reguired by more users, new funnctions will be integrated in the common commercial offer of ELISA product. In case of special modifications it will be solved by agreement with the client and subsequently contractualy modified.

Legislative changes

Authorial SSL team guarantees an early projection of all changes in the valid legislation into the product in the way of upgrade its applications. During their incorporation into the applications the authorial team of the product exploits the narrow contact with the central authorities of public administration and other legislative departements.

Periodicity deliveries of versions IS

The subsequent product development is carried out by the program upgrade. Periodicity and methods of deliveries of each application version differ in the way if the version is a part of commercially supllied product ELISA or if the version functionality in question are developed specially according to the clients requirements (and elsewhere without any use).

In case of SSL new versions are always offered for delivery to the client at the moment, when the authorial team of company CNS a.s. has set the new version for its client.

New version of ELISA product can be caused by a few reasons. Upgrade of the program is carried out primarly on the basis of the common legislative modifications. Another reason for issuing the new version can be user’s requirements caused by either the need of the user’s behaviour change or by the change of external environment. Last but not least the development of new versions can be caused by the general development of used information technologies or by the new information technologies.

In case the applications are developed on the basis of the special client requirements, the new versions are always made by mutual consent with the client. The reasons for the new versions development  are the same as aforementioned.

Hardware and software tools – specification

Suggested technology environment is a fully implementation of the architecture client / application server / database server. Herein stated information are the recommended requirements for the configuration.

HW and SW equipment – client (station)

The condition to operate the client application ELISA is a common personal computer.

SW configuration  – client:

  • common personal computer according to the current market offer
  • web browser Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and higher) or Mozilla Firefox version 3, 3.5, 4
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Silverlight 5

During the implementation SSL into existing information system it is suitable to optimize the arrangement of computers of each efficiency category in the way to place the most efficient computers at the workplace with the highest load. After client consideration the working station can be equipped with ink or laser printer, scanner, possibly with a modem or  bar code reader.

For the support of electronic documents the whole configuration must be fiiled in by the components of the Office pack system by Microsoft Office.

Equipment HW and SW – application server

HW equipment of application server is possible to assort by the client needs particularly according to assumed quantity of saved documents and to number of users working with the system.

SW configuration – application server:

  • Microsoft Windows server 2008 (64bit)
  • ASP.NET 4.0
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) 6, 7, 7.5
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Equipment HW and SW – database server

Proposing the server equipment it comes out from the general producer recommendation of chosen platform RDBMS and it takes a future prospect into consideration. Relative to the network application it is possible to place a database on the same server as the the application server.

SW configuration - database server:

  • Microsoft Windows server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2008 (R2, 2012)

Generally thanks to the architecture of ELISA product by the growth of documents and linked users the HW demands will grow in particular in those spheres:

  • memory (with the increasing number of users and data = records saved in database)
  • capacity of disk space

On the client side the HW demands don’t change with neither increasing number of documents saved in the database nor increasing number linked users. Here the higher demands can cause only general needs – e.g. use of newer tools from higher operating system, the need to work in more applications simultaneously and suchlike. However those spheres SSL don’t influence in any way.