Network administration

We offer an individual approach to our customers and respect their different facilities and priorities of each of them. This approach reflects in choosing the most suitable solutions which is offered for network administration and operation of an IS. Our services are tailor-made for you.

  • Network administration is our specialty.
  • Our employees are experts with interest in good results of a customer´s company.
  • We build and launch IT infrastructure quickly.
  • The user support is quick, effective and efficient.
  • We offer complex services in the IT world.
  • We are flexible – if needed, we work overnight and over the weekend.
  • We offer good price for quality results.

Network administration - cooperation

We like cooperation with your employees so that they would appreciate working with us. Our technologists are given education in the field of communication with users which helps make the cooperation more effective. Not only do we know price of your data but also your time.

We see the cooperation in bigger perspective – we help your company find new business models which are possible by IT deployment. In addition, we offer tailor-made IS-oriented courses for new employees as well as knowledge enhancement of current employees.

Network administration - housekeeping

Network administration is a set of services which include administration of the entire IS in order to ensure its stability, secure operation and a support of efficient use of customer´s IT.

What do we mean by network administration?

  • Ensuring security to your server - records of shared resources, setup of protection protocols and tracking of intrusion attempts.
  • Back-up of your data to avoid its loss
  • Maintenance, reconfiguration and rectification of problems with a server and shared resources such as printers or scanners as soon as possible.
  • Thorough recording, maintenance and correction of both passive and active network elements and documenting their set-up in work stations and servers.
  • Care for satisfaction of users of your IS as well as ensuring their support through our helpdesk team.
  • Ensuring administration of both small and bigger networks, servers and PCs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms and mobile devices for Windows, Android and Mac OS platform.

The basic principle of our offer is a complex administration of IS, yet we can also offer you a special application support. Network administration means a bit more for us.