The MONA application enables complete management of the doctor’s office, including management of patients’ medical records, health care reporting to insurance companies and electronic communication with insurance companies and laboratories. 


  • Patients
    The application provides an overview of patients, with the possibility of searching and filtering, management of the patient’s medical records (with the option of administration in fully electronic form), reporting provided health care, issuing documents and vouchers.
  • Insurance companies and documents
    Management (update) of VZP code lists and reporting of provided health care to insurance companies. It enables the creation of batch files of documents, invoices, saving them to a file sending them to insurance companies electronically.
  • Laboratories
    The application can easily create laboratory requisition forms and send them electronically to the lab, automatically download results in electronic form (PDF format, DASTA format) or read from the computer disk and transfer (enter) the results to the patient’s medical card.
  • Checkout
    Checkout enables recording of regulatory fees, issuing of income and expenditure payment receipts, issuing of invoices, registration of debts and performance of balancing of the cash register. In addition, everything is linked to the store and the patient’s medical card.
  • Stock
    Warehouse allows you to keep records of inventory items (drugs, vaccines, materials, etc.) and monitor the status and movements of items (current status, incomes, issue). It is linked to other parts of the application – e.g. during dispensing of the vaccine from the store a revenue receipt can be issued.
  • Reports and settings
    Wide range of options for adjusting the application, including the possibility of managing more surgeries (sites) within a single application, and creation of user accounts for access to the application by restricting access to specific functions.
  • Automatic updates
    Automatic updates of the application from the website, update of code lists, sample laboratory requisition forms.