Microsoft Awards 2011

Microsoft Awards 2011

CNS a.s. won the Microsoft Awards 2011 for category:

“Software and web applications development: client to server applications – solution with standard architecture” with MediDat project - secured transmission of laboratory results + SELMA

Microsoft´s news release here.

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The victory was achieved by integrated deployment of MediDat and SELMA projects for a significant CNS´s customer in health industry. Deployment of the software led to a significant streamlining of internal processes and cost reduction while keeping the input investment very low.

MediDat ensures a secured transmission of data among health subjects. The solution is on client-to-server basis. MediDat application runs as an operating system service and connects to a web service. It uses .net framework 2.0, MS SQL server 2008 R2.

MediDat is run as a complex solution for the customer: laboratory information system – MediDat – SELMA with full compatibility. Such solution is unique in the Czech Republic.

The customer runs numerous labs in the Czech Republic. Management of the labs used to be decentralized. With the help of MediDat project, individual labs were interconnected which helps share the load of individual labs and use the capacity optimally. MediDat application is used for data dissemination to doctors. Its use mean time and cost savings for laboratories, as well as speeding up of treatment for patients and administrative work load reduction for doctors.

The cooperation with SELMA app ensures accounting of processing and transferring of laboratory material (samples) among labs and consolidates results from various laboratory information systems into a central data server.