MDZ – special transportation for employees

Brief description of the product:

MDZ Intranet Application program equipment, MDZ is used in Skoda Auto for organizing collection of employees from their homes for work on working shifts and then back home. The condition for such collection is that no public transport (buses, trains) is available at the given time and a employee signs a special contract on transportation for employees.

Individual employees file through local intranet network via their managers collection requests. These requests are stored and processed at central level where such applicant for which train or bus connection is available is eliminated from a request. Authorized applicants are then provided with a generated route of collection based on a complex algorithm and given parameters. The routes are then published on the Intranet as well as an overview plan for collection for individual days and hours. Such plan is then handed over to a contractual partner which provides bus transportation and which ensures sufficient number of buses for specific collection routes are prepared using a detailed time schedule with bus stops, including names of employees for each stop.

Application MDZ also has a feature to generate statistical reports which show e.g. usage of special transportation by certain factories or employees.

The app is divided into 2 parts:

  • Intranet part – request input, checking of requests, display of collection routes, repeated requests handling and other functionalities. The users can be divided into 2 groups based on their user rights – one group for checking the requests and second one for editing and recording
  • Administrator – all operations with users, set-up, rights management etc. It also includes all work with recorded requests, checking, comparing with valid public transport timetables and enlisting into collection routes. It includes generating of transportation plans for individual factories and contractual partners. And finally, there is an option to create statistics and lists of transported people etc.

Some parts of the app are shown below: