CNS is a stock corporation with registered capital of 15 mil. Czech crowns. It is a modern and dynamically developing company exclusively in Czech hands. The company was established in 1999 as a successor of CNS Melnik which was formed in 1993 (owners of the company started the business in 1991) and during its years it accomplished great achievements in the IT and consultancy fields in the Czech Republic.

CNS focuses mainly on creation and implementation of program application equipment and extensive information systems, including delivery of related technologies. To its customers, it is also a counselor and mastermind of process which relate to IT deployment.  Thus CNS acts as a consultant and system integrator of projects for both, middle and big companies, public service and commercial subjects.

Another key area of business is a provision of maintenance services and a delivery of hardware/software for contractual partners. We offer maintenance services in a broad scale of specialties. We are able to deliver a complex hardware maintenance service for work stations, servers, printers, and network components. In the field of software administration, we provide installations, configurations and updates of apps used by customers. We deeply analyze customer´s demands prior to delivering hardware/software and recommend an ideal solution with the respect of price/performance ratio (that is, a maximum use value at reasonable costs). We also provide maintenance service for our hardware, we are partners of Hewlett_packard, AT Computers, Cisco, and others.

All our solutions developed for our customers are in line with the up-to-date trends in the IT field, they have a progressive Internet/Intranet architecture and comply with the strictest criteria for Client/Server apps. The goal of all our solutions is to decrease costs of development, implementation and operation of a complex information system, and to provide the customer with a maximum flexibility during integration of the product with already running company apps.

Not only is the goal of CNS to satisfy customer´s needs but also to satisfy them in such a way that the result of our activity is another reference for other orders.

CNS insists on a high quality of all components for final deliveries, thus is cooperates with leading suppliers of information technologies. CNS delivers a complex, modular solution, such as management information systems, systems for on-line process management, application programs for logistics, customer relationship management systems, laboratory information systems, program equipment for administration of web tiers etc. Customer care is enhanced by a possibility to take full responsibility for operation of IS, functional reliability, security, and also a future development.

All CNS´s activities stem from a fact that the significance of IS for functioning of all company´s parts, be it either public service companies or commercial subjects, has a fundamental impact on management decisions and this impact has been growing due to the globalization.

Company´s wealth, in general, unrolls from the quality of its employees, and so in CNS work over 40 specialists – analysts, system and application programmers, software specialists and skilled consultants. The average age of workers in the company is 35 years. The employees undertake regular trainings and acquired many certificates. They regularly take part in trainee-ships in companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, both in Europe and the US.

We consider the knowledge of the most up-to-date technologies as a primary stage for all our activities and an essential prerequisite for development of top solutions. The gained experience from development, implementation, operation and maintenance of vast IS in the Czech Republic and abroad make CNS a competent partner for creation and operation of complex information systems.

The emphasized quality, as required by CNS for all its services and products, was crowned by obtaining the CSN ISO EN 9001 certificate in 2000.

CNS has become a business partner for known Czech and foreign companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, Novell, Cisco Systems, AT Computers and others.

30th April 2014 it was established our foreign subsidiary under the business name IT-CNS, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is our subsidiary company of C-Corporation type. Our subsidiary is located on the following address: 6101 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.