Labs and health industry

The laboratory policy is to provide its customers with the maximum quality services, in particular in the field of the clinical examination results, which are used as the basic information for  the correct medical diagnose determination. One way how to reach the quality service and to develop the quality furthermore to satisfy the customer demands and expectation, it is the accent on the use of modern and flexible information systems. However, really profitable software solution able to allow the medical facility (in our case the group of laboratories) fully use its potential, it is not possible to buy on the market as so called “box” solution. There are always found some demands of particular customer the  creator of the software application did not think about, did not know them or could not programme them.  Multiplicatively more it is valid in such a miscellaneous field as it is the laboratory diagnostic in the setting of vast net of laboratories.  The box solution is always a compromise by the logic. Owing to it even more laboratories use the way of software solution made by order. Those allow maximally to fulfil the customer demands and flexibly to respond to the new demands arising on the basis of the experience from common operation.

The flagship of software solution for laboratories is SELMA application. Its functionality is supplemented by a few other programs we would like to introduce and describe their contribution here in this article.


SELMA is used since the year 2008. Initial reason of its  origin it was the record of medical materials and order forms. Since this origin functionality SELMA application and its users  went through the long way. The present generation of SELMA developed  into the complete and integrative platform  communicating with each laboratory system and moreover it  has available functions needed for the first stage of the laboratory material processing in laboratories (receiving), formation of statistic outputs (OLAP cubes) for manager decision and operation of Call Centre.  From the doctor asking point of view  it is important the speed of processing order forms across the laboratories and low number of errors during  data entering. The quality of SELMA application together with communication service Medidat  also prove obtained prestige certification by  Microsoft - Winner - Microsoft Awards 2011 in category  „Software and web application development:  client - server application – classic solution structure".

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SynlabData are the web portal for doctors. It allows them  on-line access to results independently to the used ambulatory (hospital) software and hardware platforms (PC, Apple, Android). It contains the whole range of other functions often used by doctors, e.g. formation of electronic order forms, material purchase, statistics and overviews browsing and communication with dealers.  Using the portal makes more effective and accelerate work of both sides, doctors and laboratories, it decreases number of error and all of that with positive influence on patient treatment.

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MediDat is used to provide the secure (encoded)communication between laboratories and examination applicants (doctors, health centres and hospitals). Medidat application installed on the doctor computer  automated  gather the results (and possibly sends order forms) without the doctor interaction. The doctor obtains the results practically speedily after their validation in the laboratory and he can without unnecessary delay apply the right treatment procedure  based the information contained in those results. The patient gets on time treatment with the positive impact on the course of his illness.  

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PrintServer is the application designated for central print of laboratory results. It is connected to Selma application and it prints all laboratory results  coming into Selma application from various laboratory systems.  The printed results are ranged into the bringing in routes by addressee (recipient) and further they are distributed to doctors. The key contribution of this application is errors elimination in the distribution of results, i.e.  it does not happen the case the doctor would not  receive the results in paper form.

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INES is software for customer relation administration (sending doctors). It was  specially modified for the health service field. This application allows to plan, to record and to evaluate realized actions. At the same time it is an information source for dealer about the number of sent out examinations (and points) by doctor. Thus sales representative can outline the course of the business meetings  by requests and needs of the doctor. The result is the effective meeting useful for both participating sides.

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YODA is a specific tool enabling the medical care payments department to control, to check  and to optimize the doses serving for reporting the valid performances for  health insurance companies.

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SynlabView is the application designed for mobile phones Apple iPhone. It allows to display the actual processing state of the sent laboratory order forms Synlab and display the final results (supported are both formats of results PDF and XML/DASTA). This application is meant only for the display, it doesn’t allow the order forms sending.

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