EuroDat – service for electronic customs procedure

CNS a.s. has gained 15 years of experience in the field of data services in the Czech Republic. It supplies database and internet applications and their technology for industrial companies, health service, banks and public sector. The gained long-term experience was used while developing a project of VAN operator aiming at building communication environment for electronic customs procedure. Commercially, the project was launched at the beginning of 2001 following an acquirement of a certificate by General Customs Office. EuroDat project is run as an online service and it supports all modes as defined by Customs Office both in the Czech Republic and the EU. The modes include NCTS transit, ICS import, ECS export and GLZ guarantee system. CNS a.s. holds certificates of the Customs Offices which confirm  compatibility and functionality of the EuroDat service against customs standards of the Customs Office and the EU.

Brief description of the EuroDat service

A VAN-operator function consists of a two-way data transmission between a customs agent and customs (data centre of the General Customs Office). For communication, EuroDat uses a secured HTTPS protocol on the Internet. The service is provided independently on the software of a customs agent. The service runs 24/7. Running of the systems is backed-up against electrical black-out by external energy sources of the computer cluster. High data capacity is caused by the location of the server right on the Internet backbone. Records of transmitted files are kept for at least 5 years and are available to customs agents. EuroDat enables the transmission of all file types and file formats as required by the customs. Data and local networks are secured by authorized access of the customs agent, HTTPS protocol (SSL encrypted) and the usage of encryption and digital signature.

Description of the EuroDat station

For functioning of a EuroDat station, it is necessary to install a certificate for authentication of a station and the server. Basic inbox and outbox folders are created during installation. These folders can be then divided in various ways, e.g. by number of custom agents or number of offices. The station is compatible with desktop operation systems of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and server operation systems of Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012. The stations can be adjusted for use in a small company or big multi-national corporations. The station also enables file sending to various custom offices. File sending and receiving can be done in on-line mode or optional time intervals.

How does the EuroDat station work?

Paths for file sending and receiving are set to EuroDat station folders in customs software. Processed customs declarations and other message types are stored to the outbox folder of the EuroDat station. Sending and receiving of files can be done manually (using a function in menu) or automatically. Files send by customs office are displayed in customs software, so if the EuroDat stations is set to an automatic option the agent does not need to leave a desktop of customs software which leads to higher production efficiency.

Other services

Phone support of users (helpdesk)
Customized data lists
Access to statistical reports on CNS´s webpage
Interconnection of offices with a head office

Customers of EuroDat service

Currently, the EuroDat service is used by more than 450 companies across all industry fields. The variability of EuroDat enables its use in small companies of local importance or big multi-national companies of global extent. Primarily, the customers are from the Czech Republic yet the service is used by foreign companies which need to communicate with the Customs Office of the Czech Republic.

Member of EurTradeNet

CNS a.s. as an operator of the EuroDat service is a member of international EurTradeNet alliance which was founded in order to create maximal efficiency and minimize obstacles both on European level and for global trade. That is why maximal digitalization of trade and customs procedure is accented. 

Guaranteed by General Customs Office