SOFIE – Training centers

Brief description of the product:

Application program equipment SOFIE files all training centers of Skoda Auto, a.s.
The employees of maintenance service net of Skoda cars have the option to develop their skills and knowledge in trainings. A garage sends an application (via mail, by phone, personally or over the Internet) which is immediately stored in SOFIE. SOFIE files all lectors, training rooms, garages and other.
An automated training plan can then be automatically generated. This simplifies the preparation of training plans for each individual training centre. Statistical reports are also part of SOFIE. They show e.g. busyness of each centre or a lector.

The app is divided into 2 parts (basic functionality):

·         Internet – an overview of trainings for a given year for the company, filling of requests for trainings, changes of employees of a garage (trainees) - inserting a new employee, editing, deleting Database – monitoring of trainees assigned to a course

·         Administration – all operations with given applications (editing, cancelling, manual insertion of new applications). Preparation of a training plan based on requests (i.e. a training centre doesn´t announce the dates, it adapts them according to a demand by individual garage), automated generation of training plans, their manual editing, sending the plans via e-mail. Statistical monitoring of acquired data for the trainings. Ability to work with different language versions.

Some parts of the app are shown below:

Currently, multilingual version of SOFIE has been finished.
Furthermore, multi-brand version of SOFIE is under preparation. It will provide the option to work with various car brands.