Audit IT

brings you

  • Overview about the used abd installed software
  • Effective use of IT tools
  • Standardization sources
  • Base for strategic planning and qualified budget
  • Repeatable audit of software and  hardware tools
  • Overview above  the  infrastructure
  • Base for technical support and knowledges base (Knowledge Base)
  • Documented environment
  • Making easier the administration

Audit can be performed both in already existing running operation and by building and setting up new systems.

Content and result of AUDIT

  • hardware
    • working station
    • servers
    • data network
    • peripheral devices (printers, scanners,...)
  • software
    • installed software at working stations and servers
    • comparison with bought licences
    • optimization acquisition costs
  • security
    • network security for access from outside
    • principle of network passwords and access/ authorization rights
    • safety rules
    • data back up
    • renewal of servers
    • proposal and working-out of working procedures
  • network topology
    • network structure and organization
    • hardware and software quality from point of user view
    • Internet connection quality  připojení k internetu
    • Drawing (layout) of topology